Game of SKATE this Saturday in Hampden

Ollietrollie is hosting a game of SKATE sponsored by KOOK Skateboards and 3 Ride Shop, Baltimore Maryland.
Saturday, September 10 @ Skatepark of Baltimore at Roosevelt Park, (Hampden Park).
Behind the Roosevelt Recreation Center-1121 W 36th St, Baltimore, MD 21211

• The game of SKATE is open to anyone with a skateboard.
• Registration opens at 3 PM and closes promptly at 4 PM. You must register at 3 Ride Shop 5918 York Rd, Baltimore, MD 21212 or call 410.532.6113 on the day of the event.
• The game is from 4-6 PM.
• If you win a game of SKATE Vs. KOOK(s) within the two hour window allotted you will win a KOOK skateboard deck. Supplies are limited to a maximum of 4 decks per event.
• Registration is on a first come first come first serve basis the day of the event. Be sure to arrive early.

Contest in Hampden!

Join us Saturday, July 2nd for a jam style contest and win some loot!
(We’ve got another event the following Saturday at the Cockeysville Park! Stay tuned for details.)

The Art of Flight…

The producers of “That’s It, That’s All” are back with a teaser for their newest drop, “The Art of Flight”. Check a sample of the action as Travis Rice, John Jackson, Mark Landvik, Scotty Lago, Jake Blauvelt, Nicolas Muller, Gigi Ruf, DCP and Pat Moore take their boarding to Jackson Hole, Alaska, Chile, Aspen, Patagonia, British Columbia and beyond.Stay up for the full length video coming September 2011.